Author’s Note

A Note To The Reader
I have in the past year given in to a driving force. Coinciding with my decision to pursue a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, a writing dam burst within me. I decided to blog under the pseudonym Virtual Mom, discussing a range of issues including the learning points associated with being away from my two children. I found that my writing however took on a life of its own and I was prompted to explore themes associated with Organizational Culture, topics I have been exposed to in my career pursuits. But another product emerged from its cocoon, awakened from slumber.
Words stumbled out frequently from my mind, forming phrases, paragraphs, lengthened essays. What was the catalyst? What is my muse? I am still confused but I willfully follow the path that has been cleared for this journey.
I have always dabbled in poetry, the occasional writing to reflect on happenings in and outside of my world. Writing is now a huge passion. Something is growing within me. I spill hurt, anger, happiness, fear, any emotion on my page. My fingers dance across the keyboard of my laptop. I erase, pause, simplify, create and breathe life to the words.
My being comes alive with this gift. A talent ignored for many years has come a knocking and I must respond.
One love and happy reading.
Suzette Henry-Campbell
July 27, 2013


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