Five Things That Are Right With Your Job

Retrieved from Google Images, February 25, 2014

Monday morning!

It is the start of a new work week for most.There was no need for the alarm this morning because for once in a long time you are truly excited about going to work.

What changed?

Perhaps a new lease on life. Perhaps organizational changes that re-ignite the passion and commitment of its employees are the cause.

In almost every encounter I have had with employees spanning different roles, organizations, and social network, these five themes appear to be consistent with their happiness quotient. It’s not just about one’s personality and outlook on life. Read on.

The five are mapped to the interaction with others in an environment that is conducive to building and maintaining trust and enhancing rapport. Go figure!

The five are:

  • You are in love with your job. It is not just a job that provides a modest income, but you can see how your role contributes to the organization.
  • Your team is supportive. Deadlines are nothing when you have a solid team willing to go “above and beyond” the call of duty.
  • The blame game is in retreat. Mistakes are owned by the individual/group because they recognize their own flaws in the execution of ideas.
  • Fair treatment: The vision of fairness will be articulated differently from one person to the next. Defining what is fair is subjective. It is at the individual level that we process how we view fairness measured against established standards. Fair treatment extends to compensation and reward, discipline and promotion.
  • Environment: The environment encourages the participation of all its members. There are reasonable amenities in place to meet the needs of the employees. Departments are complementary to each other and opportunities are created to enhance interaction. It’s a fun place to be!

Take an inventory of your own job and list five things that are right with it. You may just be surprised!

© Suzette Henry-Campbell 2014


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