Your Life Begins Now

My inspiration for this blog today hit me as I watched Andrew Zimmern. You know, the guy on the Travel Channel, of Bizarre Foods fame, who has the wonderful role of experiencing cultures via his taste buds? As I punch away at the keys, he has just popped a sliver of camel’s kidney in his mouth. The meaty scene disturbs my thoughts of what I plan to eat in a couple hours. Pushing the urge to go vegan aside, I thought about the range of experiences I accumulated over the past week and the impact they have had on my being. Although I love, absolutely love, the richness to be found in experiencing another’s culture, in particular foods, I have yet to take it to the level of Zimmern. But the theme of community and diversity is fueling a desire to step outside of my comfort zone.


Photo Credit: NSH/2012

Zimmern appears passionate about his role. I can only imagine that he tosses caution to the wind as he travels to remote regions of this earth that many of us would shy away from visiting. He of course, has an entourage to assure his security but when it comes right down to it, he is living his moments. By that I mean, he is immersing himself in an experience.  His active participation in the rituals of various nationalities, helps him to appreciate, to a certain degree, the day to day activities of others. Giving himself over to an experience helps to eradicate the myths that are associated with the unknown.

I am constantly reminded of the need to begin living now. This does not mean spending money you do not have to go touring the world. Is there something you are passionate about doing that you have been putting off? Do you want to learn to swim, cycle, or play a sport? Do you want to turn that hobby into something more? Perhaps you are dying to do something as simple as beginning a garden. The point is you have to decide and then you have to act.

One thing I have found to be a pattern among those described by society’s standards as successful is that they simplify their lives. Clutter is removed and they take charge of their journey. They are not given to what others think about decisions they make. They take risks, but in so doing they are masterful of time. Every second is calculated unconsciously as a rare opportunity to maximize the value of time.

Today I was reminded that it is okay to:

  • live your passion.
  • simplify your life.
  • engage in something new.
  • embrace diversity.
  • have fun.
  • use time wisely, it matters.

These reminders can be adapted to your professional, private or other identity. Your life does not begin tomorrow. Seize the day (carpe diem) now.

© Suzette Henry-Campbell 2014



  1. I love this! I am not an avid viewer of Andrew Zimmerman, but I was able to catch an episode where he was in Jamaica and it made me miss my country so much, but it also made me realize that I have to travel. One thing that I really appreciated about my parents is that they encouraged my siblings and I to learn new things. In my family we sometimes look at what some people have in terms of possessions, such as the home theater and game systems and wonder why we don’t purchase things such as those. Then we realize that our passion lies in traveling. Growing up, my family would take a week and go somewhere on vacation. Our best trip was when we went to St. Augustine; it is such a beautiful and historical place and we learned so much. Not only do we have a passion for learning new things, but we also like to enjoy good food. For my brother and sisters, we have been fortunate to experience things that are not tangible, so while having the gaming system and the huge home theater are nice, they cannot replace the experience that I have had enriching my mind with learning and the happiness that comes with spending time with family.

    • Hi Rochelle,
      Thanks for the feedback. You are right on point. We spend too much of our time locked in silos and miss the rich and robust experiences life has to offer.

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