2014 – The Year Of Recognitions

Hello my virtual friends!!!

I took a short break to get back into the driver’s seat of post-graduate studies. After an awesome break, I am refreshed and ready to share more of my thoughts with you.

I have been thinking a lot about the theme “recognition” as it relates to developing a stronger organization for 2014. Whether your company is labeled small, medium or large, recognizing outstanding work by your worker or workers is a potent tonic to your organization’s well being.

Read along as to why I believe in the power of authentic recognition.

No one can deny the power of recognizing the efforts of an individual or a team after a performance that beats expectations. Public recognition is a great way to engage the talent within the organization and it provides a catalyst for instances of healthy competition. Achieving rates of success will be dependent on the attitude of those who lead and how their actions are perceived by their subordinates.




Recognition programs are constantly touted as effective tools to building the performance capacity of workers within any size industry. Business leaders when interviewed are able to speak glowingly about their own practices and the variety of programs they have in place to recognize their employees. If you were to ask the subordinates though, they would paint quite a different story. My hunch is that three things may account for this gap in perception.

  1. Employees are able spot the indifference and the lack of interest when activities are billed around recognition.
  2. Recognition activities are perceived by workers as an opportunity for companies to publicly secure an image in the minds of their competitors and consumers. By being altruistic, the message being sent is  “we take care of our people so imagine what we will do for our customers”.
  3. The expectations of employees are not always in line with what the company considers to be  marvelous ways to celebrate success.  A number of companies are guilty of making assumptions about the needs of their employees, leading to the roll-out of unpopular means of saying “thank you”.

Of course, budgetary concerns will matter when creating programs. Resources have to be spread around. In times of largesse your high performing employees should be made to feel special. This is even more important in times when the company has not performed as expected.

Addressing recognition needs is a big thing. Employees matter and as such it is a great idea to create a menu of recognition activities. From the simple to the outrageous, your recognition programs do not always have to be scripted. Companies that see a correlation between happy employees and productivity will tell you that they are consistent in their efforts when it comes to reward and recognition. Their programs are not ad hoc and the activities reflect the values, mission and vision of the company.

Although we are now into day seven of 2014, I am encouraging each executive, manager or supervisor to sit with their team to create activities that will rock the socks off every member. Whether you choose to recognize departments, managers, supervisors, workers or your executive team, make the experience a fun exercise to re-engage.

Make 2014, the start of a fabulous, creative recognition year. Engage your internal clients as you have never done before. Build their trust and make them your biggest fans. It’s worth it!

Live the change you want to see.

Copyright Suzette Henry-Campbell 2014


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