Be A Catalyst For Someone Today!

Are you ready to stop nourishing the demons of “I can’t”, “I’ll fail” and “I’m not good enough”?

Are you ready to embrace new beginnings, without hesitation?

Are you ready to fulfill dreams that you have left stagnant for many years?


Photo Credit: SHC/12/2013

If your response to all three questions are in the affirmative, you have progressed beyond your first hurdle.

Doubt and fear are two words that prevent us from reaching beyond our current situation. They are both natural reactions to change in our environment. For some, doubt and fear, become embedded in the mind, possibly from bitter experiences of the past. Yet others, buoyed and energized by similar experiences, extract from the hard knocks of life, lessons that provide the platform for excellence.

We have become familiar with the public face of men and women, who having failed many times before, are now enjoying societies definition of success. We live vicariously through the carefully structured interviews, engaged in the process of someone else’s liberation. We feel all the right emotions, egging us to also reach beyond the limitations. But we stop short of anchoring our own goals to thoughtfully laid out plans. Giving up is easier to do.

I submit to you that your true potential is being stifled. If you want to be more, be prepared to shift from your comfort zone. Be prepared to feel like a fish out of water, because anything that is new and different will shake your resolve. Eventually, the steps taken towards a new future become more sure, and you begin to align your personal vision with that of the environment.

Checklist for the uninitiated

  1. You have arrived at  the decision that change is necessary.
  2. You have created a goal map with identifiable measures for attainment.
  3. You have engaged support systems to assist with the emotional storm that will afflict you.
  4. You have replaced fear and doubt with something more powerful: motivation and resilience.
  5. You are committed to the journey.
  6. You learn from failures.

There is nothing more important to you than being better than you were yesterday. Do not stand in your way.

Copyright Suzette Henry-Campbell 2013


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