Five Things To Do In 2014

Site in Staten Island

Photo Credit: NSHenry, 2012

As the year eases to a close, and , we may see a trail of missed targets, scattered successes, and dreams that were deferred. Celebrate the goals that were won, do not cry over the ones that did not materialize. What’s the point? The missed opportunities serve as doors to other exciting experiences. Embrace the moments that make you laugh out loud. It’s worth it!

So 2013 is almost passé!

Breathe… You will not make the same mistakes, hopefully. You will make new ones, and you will have successes as well as dreams you will defer. That is life. Live it, cherish it, make the most of every encounter. Rise above the fray.

In 2014, irrespective of your present circumstances, you will:

  1. Relieve yourself of pent up anger by engaging in a simple practice. (i) Breathe deeply as you subconsciously count to ten or more. (ii) Remove yourself from the causative agent without adding fuel to the fire (iii) Practice the art of being patient with yourself.
  2. Find a way to give back. You may think your contribution is insignificant but it may be the life-line someone needs in their moment of crisis.
  3. Re-fuel your mind and body with moments of solitude. Engage in moments of prayer or meditation as you invite clarity of mind You are writing a story with every decision you make. You have the sole rights to that production. Make your mark.
  4. Take care of that body of yours, whether you walk, jog, run marathons or pursue fitness programs like a religion. Be mindful of what you consume as well. Your body and your wallet will thank you in later years.
  5. Finally, become a fan of yourself. Your self-esteem matters. Do not allow your spirit to be assaulted by the insulting remarks made by others. Take the steps that are necessary to protect your psychological well-being.

Here is to wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

Copyright Suzette Henry-Campbell 2013



  1. 🙂

    And to you as well!

  2. Tara

    I will be doing many of these things in 2014. The biggest will be giving back. I’ve just finished training and certification to be a Girl Scout leader in my town. I can’t wait to help guide these middle school girls toward being strong leaders in their communities!

    • Great start to becoming an agent of change. We need more persons who are willing to nurture our future. Keep paying it forward.
      One love!

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