Promise Delivered

Delivering on a promise is becoming a rarity. My own observations as well as experiences with commercial entities have been laced with skepticism about goods and services offered. In a previous post, I have suggested that the reputation of a company is a valuable driver for increases in its customer base. Developing a reputation as a company of choice for the discerning public is by no means an easy feat. Aided by advances in digital technology, voice, data and images can translate into increased traffic to or away from an enterprise. Imagine if you will, your interaction with companies with which you do business. Can you identify any within the past week that created the “wow” effect? Are you still regaling others with the story? On the flip side, are you still reeling from that awful encounter with the sales representative, vowing to never patronize that business again?

Photo Credit: Google Images, Retrieved December 1, 2013.

Creating a fan-base is much more than how many likes can be had on social media sites. With the increase in tools to measure hits to a site, savvy Consumer Intelligence Specialists (*CIS), attempt to create a profile of the shopping habits of consumers. With the information, marketing firms are better equipped to target consumers based on patterns identified by the CIS. Absent from the analysis is the voice of the customer insofar as their views on the delivery of a company’s promise. Surveys attempt to gather that data but are the responses being treated as valuable sources to inform the mission and vision of an enterprise? The gap between what is measured and what consumers prize as quality interaction must be part of any equation that is aimed at strengthening the belief in a company’s promise to its clients.

The next time you feel a company has failed to satisfy your needs measured against what they publicly state as their brand promise, let them know about it. The responsibility is theirs to ensure that the feedback received, informs their action to making the customer-experience one that is truly extraordinary.

Copyright Suzette Henry-Campbell 2013


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