Who Or What Inspires You?

This question was posed to me about three days ago. Since then, I have compiled in my head, a list of influencers who have shaped my behaviors and attitudes over my career. My list reflected a cornucopia of agents including my parents, relatives, academics, professionals in and outside my field, as well as others who by happenstance, entered my world. The latter influences, were nondescript, ordinary folks, who by their compassion and zest for life, fueled in me a determination to reframe how I live my life with purpose.

Retrieved from Google Images, November 13, 2013

In every encounter, whether comfortably natural or alarmingly distressing, an opportunity exists to walk away with a lesson or several lessons. The worst encounters leave scars, but such metaphorical scars provide proof that we are able to recover from interactions that are less than wholesome.

Your choice of influencers may be linked to someone/something (adult, child,cause) that has:

  1. Prompted an awakening about your life’s goals.
  2. Mentored you in your academic and professional goals.
  3. Supported you financially and emotionally when times were insane and you felt the odds were insurmountable.
  4. Casually crossed your path, for a moment and in that interaction, you are left with a desire to do better.
  5. Engaged your attention long enough to see yourself as part of a community of change architects.

I remain inspired by those, who against all odds have shown us that resilience in the face of adversity is a human trait that yields positive results. Giving up is an option! Finding the resolve not to is the greatest challenge.

Get up, Show up, Do it!

Copyright Suzette Henry Campbell 2013


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