“Hearing the word NO is not always a bad thing.”

Photo Credit: Google Images, November 10, 2013

The statement above was made by a colleague on LinkedIn and forms the catalyst of my narrative today. In the context of getting that right job, we build heightened expectations about how successful we will be. Door after door closes on our dreams and aspirations as we are pitted against others who offer more than we are able to compete against.

The painstaking effort of growing our talent through meaningful pursuits like educational goals, is believe it or not, preparing us for the right fit. That is if you have stopped feeling sorry for yourself.

Failure is experienced by all of us as we endeavor to carve out that niche. Those who succeed will share three common factors that led them to the realization of their dreams. Our failure to launch is often buried in the belief that systems are designed to retard our development.

  1. Necessity is the mother of invention. In a world of constant change, the absolute certainty is that you will experience your back being against the wall. What are your inventory of skills and competencies that are underutilized?
  2. Calculated risks and partnerships. Forging relationships account for more leverage in a tight economic space. Explore the talents of those in your network. Ignite an idea and watch it grow with the right inputs.
  3. Resilience. You will probably hear 1000 “not at this time” before you hear that single yes. The fact is, frustrations will mount and the temptation will surface for you to quit. Don’t! This is the time when you assess, gather feedback and make the necessary adjustments. Find your audience and speak their language.

For every NO that you have ever encountered and will still encounter, remember a closed door is driving you to your destiny. It is up to you to translate each rejection into a rung on your climb to success.

Copyright Suzette Henry Campbell 2013



  1. …. and like “no’s” come along to help us get to where we’re supposed to be, I found your post just when I needed that reminder …thanks

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