From Ordinary To Extraordinary (Making a Difference)

I absolutely love human interest stories. Stories about ordinary, nondescript persons who do something extra-ordinary, trap my attention. As consumers on the superhighway of media traffic, we are bombarded with so much torturous headlines that we become startled by the actions of ordinary beings. Our stores are all different and in our daily lives, there is no doubt that we affect the lives of others.

Retrieved from Google Images, November 4, 2013

It is my belief that the good Samaritan stories are the best. People are vilified for being different and in our comfort zones, we lose sight of our commonality. Too often, we are in a position to do something and we fail to act. In doing nothing, does that make us bad persons?

I have added several links to stories from around the globe, in an effort to celebrate the contributions of ordinary beings who have made extra-ordinary impact in our local communities and by extension our global village. None of these humble beings, woke up saying, today I’m going to change the world. But in that very moment, life hands them an opportunity to make a difference. And guess what, they seized it!

Human Interest Stories

After reading the stories, I am reminded that the world is not so horrible after all. We dwell on so much negativity that when these instances pop-up on our radar, we are taken by surprise by the fact that people continue to do random acts of kindness to complete strangers. We are equally reminded that our challenges may not be as complex as others who live in societies where their voices  are mere whispers. Our applause and cheers are loud (rightly so), celebrating the victory of the oppressed over the oppressor. We find our heroes everywhere. In the schools, businesses, parks, hospitals and commercial centers. Wherever you go, you will bump into ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds.

I challenge you to look within your own communities and identify the members who by their actions, continue to stir us all to come to the aid of those who need our assistance. I am optimistic about the future. I am optimistic that more and more stories will demonstrate the humanity of many towards others. But for now, our collective response to those who continue to nurture and demonstrate positive values below the radar of popular culture, is to say, “Thank You!”

Copyright Suzette Henry-Campbell 2013


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