Collaboration Is Dying

The choices we make today shape our immediate future.

The globe is facing harsh realities mired in the absence of inspirational leaders who are capable of suspending their selfish motives for the good of the rest. History is full of examples that show the result of tyranny and the alienation of people who are not as privileged as those who create the mayhem through the enactment of laws. It remains a puzzle to me, that we have not matured, especially citizens in the western hemisphere, who have touted this idea of democracy for lengthy periods.

Retrieved from Google Images, October 3, 2013

Where our positions are not met, we retreat to being bullies, at the expense of living beings who can ill afford the after-effects of non-collaboration. From politics to business, given scarce financial resources, there is now an absence of common-sense. It is  a complex world. There are many who are facing insurmountable challenges, and are unable to cope. Should there not be a redemptive gesture by those who are able to help. The help I speak of is not the type of mendicancy we have permitted to evolve. I speak of opportunities to grow people towards developing a future for themselves, their families and their communities.  Where do our interests intersect?

In an age of rapid fire information, more often than not, reeking with inaccuracies, consumers must be careful about what they absorb. There is a little used option, available to us that should help in our decision to choose what is accurate from falsehoods. It is called counter checking. Counter checking simply means we cross reference the material against other reputable sources. Such an activity is an exercise in patience. The rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution.

We are very exposed to the misuse of power by those who exist in powerful roles. We see this at play with the power play between the Democrats and the Republicans. Whatever your affiliation and irrespective of the views of financial backers, this is a game that will end sorely, not just for Americans but sadly for the rest of the world.


Copyright Suzette Henry-Campbell 2013


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