Finding Lacuna

I am now back after a much needed hiatus. I am now re-energized and ready to continue this journey that I have somehow been co-opted to pursue. During my “holiday”, I had reason to reflect on the purpose of my blog. What exactly is my goal? Fueling my writings is the ever present response to a chasm to be filled. My purpose is not been easily defined, but I do know I want to share things that have become embedded in my soul.

This fall, I am pursuing a course in qualitative research as I prepare to take on the most difficult task geared towards a doctoral degree. In a recent class, my spirited professor was in high impact engagement mode and rightly so. He was a master in the subject as he navigated seamlessly within a space of astonishingly great material. A quick glance around the room, showed that he was making disciples of many as he dove into the different methodologies to be pursued in a qualitative research.

This impassioned professor was creating a story. One that held no boring thread. One that challenged our previously held beliefs associated with research. And then, he introduced the word “lacuna”. Lacuna is defined as a gap, a space that begs to be filled. In the context of research, it is an attempt to synthesize the work of others, with a determination to fill a void that was not previously examined.

Retrieved from Google Images, September 7, 2013

As I rolled the word over and over in my mouth, my mind raced ahead as it tried to define what kind of research I wanted to conduct. My research should have purpose. Should inspire! But most of all any research pursued, should provide a foundation for others to build on as well as to challenge an awakening toward filling the void.

As my program progresses, I am very sure I will be looking at many themes. Some may have a direct relationship with what is happening in my homeland, Jamaica. And still, other themes may transcend local boundaries. I often question myself about the reason for choosing to pursue this path of advanced study or better yet, why has this path chosen me? I am yet to get a response from the heavens. What I do know is that I continue to develop. I challenge myself. Like other Ph.D. students will tell you, it is difficult. We push against the negative results of our efforts, against the negativity of persons who should seek to derail, against our financial challenges and we push against our own thoughts of giving up.

My goal is to contribute. It may be small and may not earn me the kind of accolades esteemed researchers have gained in their respective fields. My hope is to create through the power of the printed word, a body of work that enhances the literature that has already been produced.

I now resolve to get up, show up and do it!

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  1. Loving “Lacuna”…thanks for sharing its meaning. I am going through the process right now of re-prioritizing my own life and as I consider resuming Higher Education, I have been considering “lacuna” without knowing I was doing so… It adds meaning to my musings. so Thank you!

  2. You have got good stuff at this point.

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