Create A Winning Team

What motivates you? This question is asked in the context of your professional endeavors. Your answer will undoubtedly be influenced by your experiences, values, and personal goals. In academia, we have studied the works of many theorists, each attempting to explain the complexities behind the word. Maslow, Herzberg, Alderfer among many others have provided a foundation which if strategically applied to our current business models can assure superior wins from our human resources.

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Before we can get to the kinds of productivity we are hoping for, we must seek to understand the motives behind people’s actions. Borrowing a phrase coined possibly by the generation of baby boomers, “what makes you tick?” My experiences have taught me that there are three things that are prized by employees: being treated with respect, being treated fairly and being recognized for their efforts. I would bet that managers, executive leaders and the principals of companies crave the same three, especially from those in their peer group.

We live in an exciting century where creativity is an essential part of a company’s longevity. The boring and mundane are easily rejected for novelty. The advances made in technology have created an short attention spans. We are catering to the needs of the sophisticated human, especially those who reside in “first world” countries. Imagine being employed to a company that is constantly re-fueling and re-inventing itself with innovative ideas. Now imagine being part of the team that contribute to the master plan. From conceptualization to implementation, that member has a stake in the outcome. As an owner of the project individuals push to ensure that the superior goals are achieved. Once the companies objectives come to fruition, the individual goals will likely be satisfied.

There are so many leaders who are trapped behind their desks. They rarely take the walk down the hall to the team areas. They rarely acknowledge the team as they hurry towards their cars. At meetings, they “talk at”, rather than “talk to” the audience. The disconnect is further heightened when year-end results are posted and the numbers fail to add up. Meeting geared towards treating the productivity gaps become heated exchanges, where managers are pitted against those they supervise. Such dysfunction must be resolved and replaced with strategic vision, motivated employees and the best hired talent for implementation.

Create your winning team.

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Your team awaits direction. What are you waiting for? Roll those sleeves up and create a plan to develop your human resource. There is urgency in your stride to acquire the tools and technology to help grow your business. Your company’s goals are important and you need to identify the human resource that will get you the desired results, with that same energy. At the helm of each department should be a leader who gets the importance of motivation, even in austere conditions.

Be creative. Let your team see you work!

Copyright 2013 Suzette Henry Campbell


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