Crazy Ideas Are Born Everyday

Four days ago, on a group chat using that awesome instant messaging App, WhatsApp, I proposed the idea of inviting a visionary leader to look at investing in a golden opportunity, coming on the heels of the departure of a Hotel Brand from the Jamaican landscape. The removal of the Brand, has further reduced the capital’s capacity to market itself as a wonderful destination. In earlier glory days, the property at 77 Knutsford Boulevard, reigned supreme as it offered to business travelers and tourists alike, an awesome opportunity to experience Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage. Amidst the tall impressive structures based on Caribbean standards, “worker bees” match objectives to efforts. Each has a role and if understood, contribute to the successes of the sector it belongs.

77 Knutsford Boulevard has been host to many events so it has blended into the psyche of  many international and local visitors. Knowing this became the catalyst to suggest that an open letter be penned to Richard Branson, the quintessential, charming, midas-touch, engaged leader, inviting him to assess the opportunity of acquiring the property and infusing his unique and successful way of remaining relevant in a competitive era with Jamaica’s magnetic positive appeal. I will concede that there are negatives that have been fodder for sensationalism but which country does not have it’s own stain? First world countries such as the United States have birthed atrocities in many forms. However, the focus is on maintaining a significant presence in the global economy.

Richard Branson: You don't learn to walk by following rules you learn by doing and by falling over.

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Using the methodology applied by employers when they seek talent, our small group, applying the same process, would like Richard Branson to assess, meet with the relevant stakeholders with the anticipated outcome of acquiring the property. I kid you not when I say the property will need major capital to bring it into the contempory age, but if the zeal and creative energy is added to the mix, we are convinced that the coordination of efforts will be worth it.

Should this idea ferment and become a reality, our small group guarantees this:

  • A set of criteria developed with respect to how we engage the talent that would be required to fill the vacancies, formed from the values that we would want to have infused in a company that is building a new image.
  • Culturally rich experiences where the cultural ambassadors from the length and breadth of the island are given a platform to demonstrate the True Jamaican Spirit, one driven by sincere hospitality. Doing so will combat the negative stereotypes whist rebuilding the confidence of our people. This is an important goal.
  • Travel and tourism are pairings that cannot be separated from each other. We have the destination. You have the carrier. The icing on the proverbial cake would be to have you acquire the property. The island continues to attract significant numbers from the European belt either to explore business opportunities or for rest and relaxation.
  • Twinning the efforts of our Jamaica Tourist Board, JAMPRO and other agencies responsible for marketing, with your own talented pool of marketers, new options can be exposed because of interest is common.

I have chosen to blog about this irrespective of the attention it may achieve. Ideas evolve and with all the communication gadgetry available, isn’t it worth the chance to explore? Creating opportunities is not born out of fear but in daring to do things differently. To the group of six, the possibilities are endless. Don’t stop conjuring up the ideas that may be wild at the outset, but with time and patience and of course, that underpinning called support, something magical will occur.

Don’t stop dreaming!

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog has had one two many cups of coffee this morning. Spontaneity added to the caffeine charge is a deadly cocktail.  If you end up reading this blog and a sneaky smile emerges, don’t be alarmed, my sneaky smile is still on my face.

More anon…

Copyright 2013 Suzette Henry Campbell


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